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Katahdin meat is mild flavored, lean, yet tender. Although our flock is relatively small, we are able to offer freezer lamb several times a year. For one money we take the lamb to the processor to be cut and packaged according to your specifications; then we deliver the frozen packaged meat to you. A lamb provides you with around 45 pounds of meat, depending on how you have it cut. Contact us so we can let you know when the next lambs will be available.
Our sheep are raised on pasture, except in the winter when we feed hay. We do not give antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.

Katahdin lamb offers a delicious and healthful addition to your home cuisine.
An analysis by the University of Missouri found that Katahdin rib chops had less than one third the fat content of conventional lamb or pork. The lean meat portion of the Katahdin rib chop contains only 1.3 grams more fat (per 100g) than a boneless, skinless chicken breast (see nutritional comparison in box).

Coming from a young animal, lamb meat doesn’t need to be marbled with fat to be exquisitely tender and delicately flavored. Perhaps lamb would be more popular if more people knew how to cook it properly. Lamb should be roasted at no more than 325ºF, to avoid making it tough. Cook until the meat just barely looses its pinkness. Don’t overcook!

Total fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Protein
Katahdin Lamb Rib Chop* 2.5g 1.2g 63mg 23.5g
Conventional Lamb Rib Chop** 9.2g 3.3g 88mg 20g
Pork Rib Chop** 8.0g 2.1g 55mg 22.1g
Chicken Breast** (Skinless) 1.2g 0.3g 58mg 23.1g


Lamb Cuts

Lamb shoulder: Several economical, if bony, cuts come from the shoulder.

Lamb Ribs: A full rack contains eight ribs, which are usually cut into small and tender rib chops. Left in one piece, the rack makes a delicious roast, or you can tie two or three racks together to form an elegant crown roast.

Lamb Loin: This is where the most tender and expensive cuts come from, including loin chops and loin roasts.

Lamb Leg : The leg of lamb is the most popular cut. It’s usually roasted, but it can be boned and butterflied for grilling.

Lamb Breast : The breast gives us spareribs, along with some other meat that’s usually made into ground lamb.

Lamb Miscellaneous Cuts: These come from various parts of the carcass.

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