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Our flock is Certified Scrapie Free and has been tested for codon 171. We sell lambs from A or AA coat parents. We primarily have a line of white hair and a line of brown hair sheep. Our mature ewes are good sized, ranging around 160 – 180 pounds. They mostly lamb twins, with a scattering of triplets. Most of the ewes lamb more than once a year, some every 7-9 months.
We keep weight records and can make those records as well as photos available to you. We use the FAMACHA method to determine when deworming is necessary and do not just routinely give deworming medication.

Our flock is grazed on marginal land as long as possible and then fed hay during the winter months. We do give a handful of grain daily to give opportunity to keep the flock easy to handle.

Because our flock is small, we leave the ram with the flock and consequently we have lambs year round.

For more detailed information on the Katahdin breed, visit Katahdin Sheep International at www.khsi.org or contact me and ask for the booklet “Katahdins: The Shearless Meat Breed” (free).

Photo: “Katahdins are Shedding Sheep (April 1)”

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