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A one time $10 subscription fee assures you a weekly delivery during the gardening season (usually mid-April through November). You pay only for the freshly harvested produce delivered to you that week. I try to deliver an amount appropriate for your family situation. Cost may vary from about $5 to $15 per week, depending on what’s in season.
I like to grow a variety of veggies; most are heirloom or open pollinated varieties. I will have several types of greens for salads and stir fry; sugar snap peas and other peas, broccoli, cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers, eggplant, various beans, a number of different kinds of tomatoes, a dozen different kinds of peppers, okra, celery, squashes, unique melons, sweet potatoes, a dozen different kinds of potatoes including fingerling potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and maybe other veggies. Of course, not everything is ready at once, but as the summer progresses we’ll have lots to eat.

Also, I’ll have asparagus, strawberries, and blackberries, and pears in their season. This may be the first year for some of our fruit trees to produce, too. I grow cutting flowers and herbs and they will be available most weeks. In addition, you will have opportunities to order larger quantities of items like canning tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and blackberries. Subscribers will also receive first opportunities to order free range, farm fresh chicken and duck eggs; free range chicken, duck, and lamb when available.

If you are accustomed to planning your meals and then shopping for needed food, you may find eating from a subscription garden to be a challenge. You will need to plan your meals around what the garden is producing. Sometimes I will be able to tell you the week prior to delivery what to anticipate, sometimes not. I will usually be able to give you serving ideas or recipes for the week’s produce. Your benefit is delicious, harvested when ripe, locally grown, healthy food.

You receive an e-mail no later than Sunday evening detailing what you can expect from the week’s delivery. Deliveries are on Wednesday, usually morning, and I will be picking some produce that very morning. Currently I deliver in the Highland, Troy, and Collinsville, area. See the contact us page to inquire about becoming a subscriber.

“Golden Sweet Snow Peas” 2006-05
“Blackberries in Bloom” 2006-05
“Summer Squashes” 2007-06

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