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Lambskin Shoe Inserts

December 12th, 2012 by Joyce

Winter is here! If you’d like warm feet this winter, read on. I can supply you with warm lambskin insoles (inserts) for your shoes or boots from the tanned hides of our sheep. Simply mail to me, or give to me in person, the outline of your foot that you’ve traced on a piece of paper, and I will mail to you, or get to you in person, a pair of soft, warm lambskin insoles cut from your tracing. One side is the soft, supple hide side and the other side is the soft, warm fur side.

Cost: $2 per inch measured from the toe tip to the heel of your tracing for a pair. For example, if the tracing measures 6 inches, then your cost for the pair of insoles is $12. If I need to mail the insoles to you, add $2 additional for 1-3 pairs, $3 additional for 4-6 pairs.

If you want them by Christmas, I will do my best to accomodate.

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