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Welcome Rain

September 3rd, 2012 by Joyce

Finally, around the middle of August, the temperatures cooled to the lower 90’s and the green beans were able to set fruit. Beautiful, crisp beans are now in abundance. Of course, as lower temperatures benefited the beans, they slowed the ripening of tomatoes. I’ve kept the gardens watered from our well and the red kale has continued to produce tasty leaves. The tuscan kale and blue dwarf kale have just sat, alive but not growing.

Now, the first of September, we have received a little over 5 inches of rain from hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Isaac. The dormant kale is growing. The seeds I’ve planted for fall harvest are growing:beets, greens, cabbage, chinese cabbage, peas.

Very importantly, the pasture grass is growing. I kept the sheep on pasture rotation as long as possible with the drought becoming more and more intense. The first of July we brought the flock in to feed them hay. The ram lambs had already been on hay for several weeks. I have my winter supply of hay already stored in the loft, but had to find something to feed them now, not an easy task. Hay is in short supply with the drought. I did find some less-than-ideal hay and the sheep are staying healthy enough. I hope to be able to move them back on pasture in another week. It would be a real blessing if the rain continues and the pastures remain productive into November at least.

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