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Summer Progress

June 29th, 2012 by Joyce

“Extra challenging” is how I would describe the growing season so far. For the first time ever, mice took up residence in the greenhouse, eating off new seedlings and digging up seeds before they could sprout, requiring repeated replantings. Early Spring warmth seemed like it was going to be a blessing and we had an exceptional crop of peas. But the weather quickly dried out, with the last decent rain coming the first of May. Now, at the end of June, we have still had no more than .2 inches of rain a couple of times. We are definitely in drought with no signs of it breaking! The pastures are drying up and I have to begin feeding hay to the lambs. The adult flock will be able to continue to graze for a while yet. I have pretty well managed to keep the gardens irrigated and many veggies are still producing. I expect a good crop of tomatoes because the air has been exceptionally dry, preventing the usual blights that high humidity promotes. This week we are experiencing days of 100 degree plus temperatures which means green bean production will stop until the temps drop a bit. Oh, yes, we’ve been inundated by baby chicken eating raccoons that nearly decimated my replacement layers. As I stated in the beginning, it’s been challenging, but I’m grateful for whatever we are able to produce.

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