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February 4th, 2012 by Joyce

Just as the summer was unusual, so is our winter. On this early February day I look out the window and see the free range chickens enjoying some still-green grass. They have continued to lay better than usual for winter. The ducks are laying very well also. About half the ewes have lambed so far. I was able to save seed from several varieties of veggies and I’ve ordered most of the seed I will need to purchase this year. I’m planning to grow some heat tolerant green beans so, hopefully, we’ll get a crop even if the summer is like last summer. Customers have suggested a few new varieties of veggies for us to grow. Soon, I’ll be starting some seeds so they will be ready to set out when the time comes. I’ve added a number of additional raised beds in the garden because it seems there is never enough space for everything I’d like to grow. I’ve begun pruning the fruit trees in our small orchard in the hopes that we’ll have a harvest soon. Actually, we had apples on the trees last year until the raccoons helped themselves! On days when I don’t want to be out in the weather I’ve been revising my planting calendar: once the season begins, there’s no time to think through what should be planted when. Lastly, we’re now offering custom cut lamb skin boot inserts. Contact me for more info.

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