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Subscription Deliveries Begin May 18

May 13th, 2011 by Joyce

Our first delivery of the season is Wednesday, May 18. Any newcomers who have questions about how this works feel free to call or e-mail me. Your choices for this delivery are:

lettuce: an order is one head of buttercrunch and one loose head of a red oak leaved lettuce; you may request more than one order.

tatsoi: a beautiful rosette of deep green, spoon shaped leaves with crisp, tender stems. The taste of the leaves is similar to spinach and can be added to your salad or sauteed. The stems can be used raw to add texture to chicken salad or as a dipper for dips (like you would use celery) or sauteed. It is mild and good raw or cooked.

salad greens: a mixture of young greens that will add to your salad or can be sauteed or stir fried.

sorrel: tangy, lemon flavored leaves give zing to salads. You only need a few leaves unless you are making sorrel soup.

red kale: an order should be about 1/2#

swiss chard: an order should be about 1/2#

maybe radishes

herbs: oregano, apple mint, and lemon balm

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