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March 26th, 2010 by Joyce

Spring is a busy, exciting time on the farm. Young lambs are bounding around the way only lambs can. Although the sheep are still being given hay, they are nibbling on the newly appeared tiny green blades of grass. The chickens have kept laying in a phenomenal manner all winter and are just out-doing themselves now. I will soon be separating breeds to collect eggs for hatching. My single pair of anacona ducks have given us many eggs but the female hasn’t gone broody yet, so I’ve placed her duck eggs under broody hens who are patiently incubating the eggs. The geese laid a small clutch of eggs and stopped. I hope they lay more soon. The Burbon Red turkeys have begun to lay and I’m collecting their eggs to incubate, also.

The greenhouse if full of tiny growing plants. I’ve already set out early lettuce and chard and have sowed radishes and leaf lettuces whose cotyledons are just barely peeking through the soil. Overwintered garlic, green onions, and chives are flourishing and make savory additions to the kitchen. I’ll be digging horseradish this week. I’ve created several new growing beds, preparing to provide plenty for all my customers. Happy Spring! and Happy Easter!

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