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August 3

August 3rd, 2009 by Joyce

We continue to have pretty much the same veggies this week.

Tomatoes: mostly yellows with a few reds. There is a new variety coming in, ananas noir, a large multicolored tomato with a green interior and bright red flashes throughout. It looks beautiful sliced or wedged and actually tastes mild for a green-fleshed tomato.

Green beans: the large, flat, yellow Italian beans; purple beans; and flat green beans.





Just a farm note. This morning I moved the sheep from the place they were grazing to the barn pasture. They ran so eagerly to the new forage that two young lambs were left behind. I managed to corner one and take it to mom but the other eluded me. One of my cats came rubbing my legs and wanting attention while I was slowly trying to corner the second lamb. The lamb calmed down and curiously approached the cat. I waited patiently and was able to grab the lamb as it came right up to nose the cat. So I guess I have a sheep cat.

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