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July 19

July 19th, 2009 by Joyce

At last we have more veggies to offer!

We have green beans. Well, they aren’t really green. One variety is a large, broad, flat, tender romano (or Italian) type. I am posting some recipe ideas. The other is a purple pod “green” bean. The purple color will disappear to a dark green when cooked. Adding a pinch of baking soda may help retain some purple color, or sautéing them in butter before cooking them may help. They stay purple for raw eating in salads. My boys always preferred raw green beans when they were young. You can order one or both, although depending on how many people want some, you may receive only one kind.

Tomatoes are starting to ripen, although this cool weather isn’t helping. (However, I’m not complaining!) Looks like there will be mostly medium sized, low acid yellow tomatoes and small, red ones. If you have a preference, request it. There are lots more tomatoes on the vines, but we are waiting for them to ripen.

More blackberries are ripening. I’ll package them in pints.

We have red Russian kale and LOTS of dill for pickle making. Unfortunately, I don’t have cucumbers.

And the garlic is ready.

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