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June 28

June 28th, 2009 by Joyce

With all the rain the garden is growing well…and so are the weeds! Even so we have limited offerings until the tomatoes and blackberries are ripe. If you aren’t interested in what we have this week, feel free to skip. More plentiful days are coming.

We do have a summer salad mix, not traditional lettuce, but a mix of young leaves of Portuguese kale, red Russian kale, swiss chard, komatsuna, mizuna, radish pods, and onion bulblets. I would recommend serving it with a red raspberry dressing, feta cheese, and maybe a few mandarin oranges.

We still have some cabbages, savoy, pointed head, and regular cabbage. The savoy cabbages could be added to the summer salad. I have one Chinese cabbage left.

We have more large leaf basil, chives, and mints.

The hens have survived the extreme heat but have laid fewer eggs. They don’t get out and forage as much preferring to stay in the shade holding out their wings and panting. They don’t sweat, you know. The turkeys stand in the water pan to cool off. The animals and I are all looking forward to this week of cooler weather!

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