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June 14

June 14th, 2009 by Joyce

The weather is forecasted to warm considerably the end of this week so I plan to do the last harvest of lettuce. If you want lettuce will receive a variety of kinds.

We have some nice young (not baby) Asian greens for sauté or stir fry. If you aren’t familiar with the varieties you might like to order a mixture. Or you can order a specific one if you want. We have mizuna (Japanese cabbage which doesn’t look anything like cabbage), ruby streaks mustard (which looks like reddish mizuna), and komatsuna mustard spinach (which is definitely not a spinach but that’s what it’s called). All are mild Asian greens and I like them all sautéed with garlic or onion and maybe some grated carrot.

We have one or two napa type Chinese cabbages, one or two 1 pound size mini cabbages (just the right size for a batch of slaw with no leftovers), one or two pointed cabbages (they taste like regular cabbage but look neat), and one or two savoy cabbages (beautiful crinkle leaved cabbages). We have enough large leaf basil for seasoning but not enough to make a batch of pesto yet. Since I have limited amounts of all these items you might want to list your first and second choices and I’ll fulfill as many requests as possible.

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