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May 30

May 31st, 2009 by Joyce

We still have lots of tasty lettuce. If there’s a particular variety that you’ve received from me that you really like, please request it. Otherwise, I’ll just give you an assortment. Feel free to request extra. There is no loose leaf lettuce this week.

You will also receive the golden sweet snow peas.

The following items are new this week and will only be sent if you request them:
Garlic scapes: these are the curly tops pinched off the developing garlic. Chop and sauté them like fresh garlic. I was delighted at the farmer’s market this week that an Italian woman knew just what they were and how to use them.
Kohlrabi: a crisp, mild, slightly cabbagey tasting bulb-like veggie best peeled and eaten raw with dip, salad dressing, or added to salad. I have seen people peel them and eat them just like an apple.
Dill leaf: fresh dill “fronds” great chopped on to potatoes and peas or in dip. If you want enough to dehydrate, let me know.
Portuguese kale: large leaves that resemble flat cabbage leaves but they taste like kale. Sauté with garlic and/or onions or use a large wrappers for stuffing or chop into mashed potatoes.

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