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October 28 delivery

October 20th, 2008 by Joyce

Our last delivery will be Tuesday, October 28. I’m telling you early what we expect to have so you can reply early. I will be doing the last farmer’s market of the year this coming Saturday, the 25th. I need your orders before Saturday so I can hold back what you want and not take it to the market to sell.

There will still be some tomatoes. I’m finding that, although they look nice, their flavor is not as good as when they were getting warmer days.

We will have scallop squash and another globular summer squash that tastes the same as the scallop ones. If you’d like a larger one for soup, let me know. There should still be plenty of smaller ones, too.

Sweet peppers are maturing to their red, gold, and chocolate colors, so you can order colors as well as regular green peppers. There are still a few jalapeños and anaheims.

I will be digging horseradish and sunchokes. See our website for ways to prepare them. I have read that horseradish can be frozen after it’s prepared but haven’t tried it yet. Sunchokes do not freeze well but they will keep in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for several weeks.

There will be green beans. These are a new variety and I haven’t tasted them yet. They are slender and only about 4 inches long. Very gourmet looking!

And we will have ching chiang, a dwarf type bok choi. Also mizuna, a Japanese cabbage I like in salads, stir fry, and soup.

We’ll still have cutting celery and sorrel.

I had hoped to have Brussels sprouts, but they are still only pea sized.

Eggs are scarce as hen’s teeth as the saying goes so, regretfully, you will not be getting eggs.

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