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September 30 Delivery

September 27th, 2008 by Joyce

We have lots of tomatoes. However it’s forecasted to turn cool later in the week so this may be our last abundance of tomatoes. I’m listing what we have in case you want to tell me your preferences: sugar daddy cherry, blushing yellow salad, white currant, yellow pear, orange banana, better boy (red), lemon boy (yellow), and heirloom pinks.

We have red Anaheim peppers. Consider drying one to crush for red pepper flakes.
We have jalapeños and garlic.
We have a few medium sized zucchini and some small scallop squashes.
And we have a few of my first crop of pears! I think they are Bartletts.

Egg production continues to be diminished and probably no one will receive more than a half dozen.

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