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August 9th, 2008 by Joyce

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather! I’m so thankful we’re not having a drought this year. I still have pasture for the sheep. This time last year I was already feeding hay.

I think we’ll have plenty of TOMAOTES this week. Tell me if you want more or less than you had last week. And I’ll try to give you choices on variety. There are big, meaty pink ones, lemon boy, orange banana (orange paste type), green zebra, small yellow pear, persimmon (yellow and red oxheart type), and some beefsteak type red ones.

Your CUCUMBERS this week can be the burpless ones you had last week or the blocky pickling type. I think the pickling type have more flavor. If no one requests the pickling type, there are probably enough for one batch of bread and butter pickles for someone.

We still have WAX BEANS. They’ve produced a long time this year. The green ones are not doing so well.

There are a handful of JALEPENO PEPPERS and some BIG GREEN SWEET PEPPERS. Some of the sweet peppers are bells, some are a new variety, about as wide as a bell, but very long. You would need to slice them in half lengthwise to stuff.

There are enough TOMATILLOS for one or two of you. With the good rain they’ve gotten to be a nice size. Dean like a salsa made with tomatillos, jalapeños, onion, tomato (especially the green zebra), and cutting celery. If you want to try it, I can make sure you receive those ingredients.

Earlier this year some of you requested BEETS and I didn’t have enough. But I don’t remember who didn’t receive them. I have a few more if you’ll remind me who you are.

And the BLACKBERRIES just won’t quit! Order as much as you’d like. I can put them in pints or quarts.

EGG production is down a bit again so you probably won’t receive all you’d like.

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