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July 26th, 2008 by Joyce

This week I think we’ll have summer squash. There’s some yellow straight neck, bennings green tint (scallop), and yellow scallop. However this evening the straightneck vine looks like it’s succumbing to a borer but I can’t see for sure. Today for lunch I cut up a summer squash into chunks along with onion and sweet pepper and sautéed it in olive oil and butter with garlic. I had one slice of ham so I chopped that in, too. When all was cooked to my liking I stirred in 2 beaten eggs and cooked it on medium heat until the eggs were set. It was fresh and summery and satisfying.

We might have small new potatoes. I haven’t actually dug any yet to see if they are ready but I think they are.

I thought we might have some tomatoes but they are agonizingly slow to ripen. I’ve talked to other producers who say the same thing. So far the yellow varieties are the first to ripen, lemon boy and yellow pear and a few green zebra. I’m not sure whether there will actually be any ready yet!

However, here are lots more blackberries now.

Also, we still have yellow wax beans and the green rattlesnake beans. Last week some of you asked for the green beans and I didn’t have enough to go around. I think there will be more this week.

There’s a small amount of broccoli, so we’ll see how far it goes.

And we still have sorrel, garlic, chives, cutting celery, and red cabbage.

Eggs are about the same as last week. I’ll distribute them as far as they go. I wish you could see the young chicks we hatched this spring. Instead of roosting in the shelter I provided for them, they are flying up into the trees to roost! What a sight!

Here’s an interesting article I found:

Consumers who want to know where their apple or bunch of broccoli might have been grown can check out a new online resource that tracks the origins of 95 different fresh fruits and vegetables typically sold in U.S. supermarkets. Besides showing product origins, the tool allows the user to see which state is the leading domestic producer of these crops.


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