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July 1 delivery

June 28th, 2008 by Joyce

It’s been more than 2 weeks since we’ve had anything more than a sprinkle of rain here and I’ve started watering the garden. Nevertheless, we do have produce to offer!

• This week we have lettuce again! The loose leaf, red, frilly kind.
• We have cabbage and cabbage sprouts. Cabbage sprouts are like loose baby cabbages suitable for braising, sautéing, or making cabbage rolls. I will supply you with cabbage sprouts only if you request them, otherwise I’ll assume you want cabbage. (I put a recipe for braised cabbage on the website. You can use cabbage sprouts instead.) www.tobijahfarm.com
• We have kohlrabi.
• We have a few “messes” of beets, not enough for everyone; so ask for beets if you want them.
• We are beginning to harvest yellow wax beans, not enough yet for everyone; so ask if you want them and I’ll see how far they go.
• We have loads of the small bush cherries that I gave you a sample of. But I’m sure not everyone likes them so I’ll only send them if you ask.
• For herbs we have: chives, oregano, Greek oregano, apple mint, spearmint, cutting celery.
• We still have eggs.

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