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June 3 Delivery

May 31st, 2008 by Joyce

Your June 3 delivery will include a head of lettuce, a few green onions, and your choice of Chinese cabbage or a head of regular cabbage. For most families a large head of cabbage is too much for coleslaw so I have grown a smaller sized head. You’ll be surprised at how much fresher and “greener tasting” a freshly picked cabbage is. If you want both Chinese and regular cabbage, I will try to accommodate you.

We have a few strawberries. Rain was good while the strawberries were developing. It is not good when they are ripening. We have a lot of “unsellable” berries. I will handle the strawberries the same way as the asparagus. I will distribute to as many people as I can each week until everyone who wants them has had a turn. It would be helpful if you would let me know if indeed you want to be included in the strawberry distribution.

We still have fresh green garlic, chives, oregano, Greek oregano, lemon balm, and spearmint, if you request them. The oreganos and mint are at the ideal stage of growth and flavor for dehydrating. So is the lemon balm, but I recommend only drying it with a dehydrator. It discolors with the “hang up a bunch and dry it” method.

We continue to have a few extra eggs, large in dozens and medium in 18 packs if you request them.

In summary, you will receive a head of lettuce, a few green onions, and your choice of Chinese cabbage or regular cabbage.

Reply with your choice of cabbage, whether you want strawberries when it is your turn, and if you want any of the “by request only items”.

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