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May 1st, 2008 by Joyce

It’s time for our first delivery of the season! Before I tell you what to expect, let’s take care of business. Usually I will be delivering on Tuesday, but this week I must deliver on Monday, May 5. If you want me to leave your produce in a different place than last year you will need to tell me.

Now, for the food. You will receive some small heads of pak choi, mostly ching chiang. I wanted to wait for it to grow a bit more but the extremes in weather, cool, hot, cool, have confused the pak choi and it’s threatening to bolt, which means it’s not going to grow any more. You will also receive a couple of green onions (that’s all I have to give you) and fresh chives and oregano. I know some of you grow your own herbs so if you don’t want the chives and oregano, you will need to tell me.

In addition, if you request, we still have garlic and sunchokes.

The asparagus is beginning to come in. Usually I only have enough to supply one family per week and I will give you each a turn. There is very little waste in the asparagus since I give you short, tender stems. I’m charging $4/# this year for asparagus so if you’d rather not pay that much, let me know you don’t want any.

This is not a large order but it’s a start! Probably the lettuce will be ready the following week.

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