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April 18

April 18th, 2008 by Joyce

According to Ron Macher, editor of Small Farm Today magazine, farming is more of an art than a set of dates. You may remember last year the fruit trees were all in bloom when we had the killing freeze of April 7. This year my apple trees still aren’t blooming, although they look ready to burst forth. In spite of the freeze last year we had warm weather early enough to begin deliveries to you May 1. This year, although we’ve had plenty of rain, we haven’t had the warm weather to go with it. We’ll be blessed to deliver by May 6, if then.

The apricot and peach trees have bloomed without being frosted. Lettuces, pak choi, ching chang, tatsoi, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli are all set out but not really growing. Perennial herbs are up. Beets are sowed and within the next few days the carrots and peas will be sowed. I’ve been unable to plant potatoes because with wet weather the sets would rot. I usually have them set out by mid-March. The onions are ready to set out. Tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, celery, and more herbs are growing well in the green house or already outside being hardened off. I did set out some early tomatoes but they got frosted so I don’t know how they will do.

I have goose, muscovy, turkey, and chicken eggs incubating and am eagerly waiting for those first peeps. I think one turkey and a couple of muscovies are starting to set on their own also. The sheep and their many lambs are out on pasture and I’m hoping they are not eating the grass faster than it can grow back.

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