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February 6

February 6th, 2008 by Joyce

Winter might seem like a time when there is no activity on the farm, but that’s not true. My niece has been busy creating this website with me and I’ve been ordering seeds and planning the season’s growing. This week I’m starting seeds for eggplant because they take a long time to grow, and for cabbages because I want to set them out early.

I’m sure you want to know when the hens will be laying more, and in fact, as the days are lengthening, laying has increased. However, there aren’t enough eggs for everyone yet.

The garlic has stored well and if you request some I’ll get it to you.

I grew horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) for the first time last year and I can dig some for you whenever the ground isn’t frozen. Check the recipe page for information and recipes.

We have our first set of twin lambs for the year and I’m expecting several more ewes to lamb within the week.

The geese are enjoying the torrential rains we’ve been having while the sheep are tired of muddy feet.

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